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StudyNet is dedicated to the students and committed to a choice of quality services.


We strongly believe in advising students not only on the academic issues but also on the lifestyle, the surroundings, the location and the sites of interest that are best suited to their individual career development needs and personality.


Furthermore by establishing firm relationships with the International offices we provide them with up-to-date information on the Universities, colleges and new courses, assisting   them to make the right decision for maximum gain from their studies. The objective of the company is to assist students and according to their needs and wants place them to the right institution.


At SudyNet we support the students through their studies and application procedures offering them professional and constructive advice in relation to their studies, opportunities and challenges of the student life.

We take great care in administering your applications. Whether you are eligible for basic

Foundation level, Undergraduate Degree or Postgraduate education we will prepare your applications

and guide you through the steps you need to make for entry into a University.


We will also help you apply for accommodation, the optional E.U. loan and provide you with all the

valid information to get you through this tricky and often confusing procedure with as much ease

as possible.


Through experience we are able to equip you with everything you need to know from Day One of

your application through to your course entry and beyond with one-to-one sessions with our

consultants, seminars for you and your parents to understand the process and ask any questions,

booklets which will guide you through every step from Uni life, life in the UK, study advice and more, as

well as exhibitions where you will be able to meet university representatives face-to-face and get a first

taste of the atmosphere that University Education has to offer.


Look out for these events on our home page, like our Facebook Page or join our Facebook Group to

receive ‘constant feedback’ of our actions, deadlines, events and news.

At StudyNet we have spent a great deal of time and attention into the needs of the prospective

student. After years of consulting, advising and preparing students for the UK, we have collected a

wide range of helpful information which applicants should know. With these Guides, students now

gain a chance to have the knowledge and advice of our consultants in hand at any time of day,

in any location and situation.


With this range of comprehensive guides composed of the Personal Statement, Student Loan,

Study, and Startup guide, you get the guidance and knowledge of our consultants on hand, anytime,

anywhere you are.



Personal Statement Guide


Student Loan Guide


Study Guide


Startup Guide