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MSc Human Resource Management (CIIM)

Προσφέρονται επίσης από CIIM:

Επιστήμες οικονομίας, επιχειρήσεων και διοίκησης

Εκπαιδευτικό ίδρυμα: CIIM  
"Our vision is to educate the new generation of HR professional who will act as strategic partners in their organizations, by aligning human resources with business strategies and unleasing people's potential." The MSc in HRM is a postgraduate academic programme, which you can complete between one and two years of enrollment with an academic curriculum comprised of academic courses and practical workshops, the latter being delivered by professionals who are experts in their fields. The syllabus of the MSc in HRM has been carefully reviewed and revised by CIIM in close collaboration with the CyHRMA (Cyprus Human Resource Management Association), with the aim to ensure that it provides students with the required academic knowledge and professional skills to pursue a successful career in HR and help their organizations excel in a very competitive and dynamic environment.
Τύπος προγράμματος: Master   Γνωστικό πεδίο: Επιστήμες οικονομίας και διοίκησης
Σχολείο φοίτησης:   Τμήμα:
Διάρκεια: 1.0 years   Δίδακτρα: 8500
Γλώσσα Διδασκαλίας: English    

Develop a critical understanding of the theory and practice of Human Resource Management.


Recognise the role of HR as a strategic partner and how to design and align HR strategies and policies to support the implementation of business strategy.


Recognise, analyse and critically evaluate key HR functions.


Discuss, analyze and assess the broader organiszational and business environment in which HR professionals work as well as the challenges and implications of managing human resources at an international level.


Recognize the legal and ethical dimensions of their role as HR professionals and members of society.


Develop a set of critical skills that relate to their role as HR professionals and, more broadly, to leading and managing people, including themselves, effectively.


With the opportunity of CyHRMA's endorsement of our programme, we are pleased to announce the following offerings to CyHRMA's members as well as to all our graduates from both academic and executive development programmes:

  • 15% subsidey on the tuition fees of our MSc in HRM programme for the year 2014.
  • 30% subsidy on the registration fees to any of hte individual courses offered in the MSc in HRM curriculum.
  • 30% subsidy on professional workshop fees.

It is the only post-graduate academic programme in HRM offered by an accredited academic institution in Cyprus.


Recently endorsed by the Cyprus Human Resource Management Association (CyHRMA).


The MSc in HRM Professional Advisory Board (PAB) guides and advices the programme's management to ensure continuous alignment with current business trends. PAB's members are HR professionals from high-profile companies operating in Cyprus, such as, A. Zorbas & Sons Ltd., BS Shipmanagement, Cyta, Cyprus Development Bank, IronFX, PwCCyprus and Workforce.


Offers a powerful blending of academic rigour with professional practice and skills, as it consists of academic courses taught by distinguished faculty as well as professional workshops delivered by highly experienced professionals, members of the CyHRMA.


Covers all functional areas of HRM (e.g., training & development, performance management), with an emphasis on the strategic and international aspects of HRM and the development of important interpersonal skills.


Flexibility: The rolling start dates, modular structure and modern learning techniques enable you tro invest in your future potential as an HR professional and maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.

HRM Courses

  • Labour Law and Employment Relations
  • Traininbg & Employee Development
  • Employee Resourcing, Appriasal & Talent Management
  • Rewards Management
  • Strategic HRM
  • International HRM


General Management Courses

  • ​Organizational Behaviour
  • Leadership Development
  • Leading & Managing Change
  • Ethics, CSR & Sustainability
  • Communications Skills
  • Foundations of Accounting & Finance
  • Professional & Career Development
  • Statistics & Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research

HRM Professional Workshops

  • Coaching SKills & Techniques
  • Conflict Management and Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Human Capital Metrics and Analytics
  • Recruitment & Selection in Practice
  • Restructuring in Times of Crisis
  • HR Information Management
  • Emotional & Social Intelligence

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent professional qualification
  • Proficiency in the English
  • Success in a personal interview


Graduation Details: To graduate, students are required to earn 90 ECTS credits

  • Core Courses, 63 ECTS
  • Elective courses, 27 ECTS or Elective courses 12 ECTS & 16 ECTS from a Final Project (Thesis) on HRM


Programme Fees

  • Application fee €50
  • Registration: €850
  • Subscriptions: €180
  • Tuition fees: € 8,500